Atom 90

Atom 90

SKU: 91115

The Atom 90 is the perfect board for entry-level riders and younger riders wanting to experience all aspects of mountainboarding. Durable deck, F1 binding and V5 Brake system give this board everything it needs to perform while keeping some change in your pocket. If you're wanting to get into the sport of mountainboarding at a dirt cheap price without sacrificing quality, this is the board for you. 

Rider Style: Recreational All-Around
Board Weight: 6.8 (kg) / 14.9 (lb)
Board Length: 105.2 (c) / 41.4 (in)
Deck Construction: Maple Laminate
Deck Stiffness: Stiff
Deck Tip Angle: 20
Deck Length: 91.4 (c) / 36 (in)
Deck Width: 21.8 (c) / 8.6 (in)
Deck Weight: 2.0 (kg) / 4.3 (lb)
Truck Type: All Terrain Skate
Suspension: Orange Bushing (medium stiffness)


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